A Student But An Ice Sculptor

— Ryan Crosby is one of a dozen people who carved more than 100 blocks of ice on the last day of 2017 for First Night State College.

He is a student at Penn State Altoona. Crosby said he has loved ice carving since he was young. He was encouraged to begin carving by his father, who owns DiMartino Ice.

Crosby said he enjoys the comaradiery of the ice carving crew. His goal is to become an engineer, but he said he’ll always be an ice carver, too.

Nittany Lion Ear

Nate Ehrhardt, a junior airspace engineering major at Penn State, is vice president of the university’s 3D printing club. He was part of the team from the club that created a temporary repair for the ear of the Nittany Lion Shrine when it was broken in February. The 3D club’s ear was in place for a week until teh Office of Physical Plant could make a permanent repair.

It’s Fun To Work At A Christmas Tree Farm

— Eddie Parsons, the owner of Parsons Christmas Tree Farm in Julian, Centre County, has been planting ansd selling Christmas trees for more than 40 years.

Parsons says he enjoys the tree farm because it has a long history in his family. Both his father and grandfather worked there. Some customers have been shopping there for decades.

He said he hopes to keep running the farm for another ten years. He said he’s not sure if his son or daughter will keep the business going when he’s gone. But for now, he enjoys seeing familiar customers happily bringing home trees for the holidays.

Books And Bonding

— Elaine Meder-Wilgus dreamed of having a bookstore after she graduated from Penn State. But more than just selling books, she wanted to create a place where people from the community could bond (and get books).

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe has become an institution in downtown State College. It’s now in it’s fourth location since she first opened nearly three decades ago. She said she raised her daughter there.

Mecer-Wilgus sais many current customers might be surprised to know that the original store didn’t have a coffee shop, now a primary part of the store’s ambience.

(This video was produced for the 2018 Short Doc Workshop)

Tram Life

Henrique Couto is a driver in Lisbon, Portugal, who enthusiastically enjoys his job working the most famous tram line in Lisbon, The 28 Tram.

He works six days a week from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Despite the long hours Couto said he’s literally working his dream job. He says he loves talking with the passengers, who he greets with a warm, neighborly hello. He sings happy songs while driving.

He says he really hopes he can be a tram driver forever.

(This video was officially selected by 2018 Blue&White Film Festival)

A Man Of Many Talents

–Christophe Cheroret is a PhD. student at Penn State University. And a volunteer snowboard coach. And a volunteer firefighter at Alpha Fire Company in State College. He likes helping others. He likes the physicality of his volunteer jobs.

“It’s been a very good adventure so far,” he said.

Night To Shine

— Brooke Fisher and Matt Porter are attending their second prom, but this time, there’s an element to the night neither one had before.

The couple—both born with Down syndrome—are just about to celebrate their one-year anniversary. They kicked it off by walking arm-in-arm on a red carpet into A Night to Shine at Calvary Church in Boalsburg, Pa. on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

A Film Girl

Tiffany Breon, a student majoring in film at Penn State, talking about her dream of being a filmmaker.

I Feel Amazing

— A little girl participated in Special Olympic of Pennsylvania won the first place at last and she is so optimistic to enjoy her life.

(This video was produced for the 2017 Keystone Multimedia Workshop)

Knocking Out Another Year

— A story about a boxing boy who fought for one year at the boxing gym to become a better person.

(This video was produced for the 2017 NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop)

Living With Music

— Bunny Frost, an independent musician making a living by singing his original songs at Santa Monica in California. He enjoys his current life and the atmosphere of showing his music in Santa Monica very well.

Election Day in State College (Hard News)

— State College, PA. Almost a year after the presidential election, people in State College are preparing for yet another election with their passion on Nov. 7. 2017.

Penn State Model Railroad Club

A featured news about the Penn State Moedel Railroad Club and its Open House Event.