Yuanhong Cao, a sophomore studying computer science, spends almost all his free time acting in a Chinese theater club. The theater club is where he spent most of his time the last few months.

He played a role as a policeman seeking the truth in a criminal case in the play “Crucial Witness”. He spent at least 20 hours a week in rehearsals, and he said he enjoyed acting in this play with his heart and soul.

He is crazy about acting, even when he is home, he keeps listening, watching and imitating classic theaters. At the end of October, he acted in his play for public over the whole weekend and said those were his most amazing time he had in this semester.

After the play, he went to different shows, plays and musicals many times. Every time he brought scripts of each play with him to help him learn more. For his theater club, he still contributes to it every week. He went to be one of the extras of his club’s film; he went to help with rehearsals of other plays; he went to help for the final show of his club even though he didn’t perform in it. He is an acting madman doing what he loves.