Baidi Wang, a recent graduate visual journalism major from Penn State, aspires to be a visual journalist or a filmmaker in the future. She enjoys producing stories that convey emotion in a compelling way.​  She is trying hard to find various stories around her to show those people with their attracting stories to the world.

She interned as a production assistant for documentary filmmaker Boaz Dvir. She was a photographer and videographer for The Underground at Penn State. She has produced video stories for the NPPA Multimedia Immersion workshop at Syracuse University and for the Keystone and Short Doc workshops at Penn State. She also did internships with Pittsburgh Magazine and China Daily before. In the past summer, she was a video intern for Condé Nast Traveller and did visual things for Bookstre Media and All-Creators Stuidio in New York City. Currently she is a freelance reporter/photographer for a local newspaper The Express in PA.

You can find her resume here, and reach her via her email, she is available for assignments now.